Monday, September 21, 2009

My Cousin Team Roping

This is my 8 year old cousin Breck roping at the High Desert Jr. Rodeo in Jerome, a month or two ago. He's the header and the heeler is his dad.

OK, he can rope better. I've seen him. But that's still really good!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simple Things to Think About

Ok, I have to admit that I haven't been very good with posting. But with all the new School stuff I thought I might(just might) post.

With all the things in the world it is hard to focus on one thing, Choosing what shirt you want to wear, choosing the toothpaste to use, etc. etc. etc!!!! Sometimes we tend to focus on REALLY un-needed things. We tend to think about what's for dinner instead of what we can teach our children, or reading a "brain candy" book instead of thinking about teaching our children to read.

We also tend do spend money on stuff we really DON'T need. *

So today at church(I really don't know how this relates to what is above, but it is what came to my mind:)) someone asked my mom to show him/her how to coupon, this person also said that he/she paid a very high dollar amount for grocery's. So at dinner tonight(well after church at least) mom and I had a discussion about how we can lower our monthly grocery bill(if I was in that type of situation).

Here some of our solutions:

  • BEVERAGES: We don't need to have Milk, juice or pop at every meal. It's good to have a gallon or two of milk for cereal. If you drink water 3 meals a day you're not going to loose weight or be unhealthy. Not only is it the healthiest it's also the cheapest.
  • SUGAR CEREAL: Not only is it more expensive but it is more addicting from the sugar so you eat more of it and so even if it is on sale it will end up costing the same as the normal price. ALSO, you get hungry Earlier like at 10 am and then you have to have snacks which also costs more money.
  • CASE-LOTS so I am assuming that every where else in the US has case-lot sales. ANY WAY!! if you buy all of your canned goods,( including: corn, green beans, tomato paste, soup, tuna.etc.) Mac and Cheese, Toilet Paper, etc. this lowers your monthly payment for those things.
  • MEAT: buy your meat from a butcher, auctions, friends, farms or privet dealers. The price per pound is cheaper and tastes SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!
  • NAME BRANDS: Ok, if you think about it you don't need Campbell's brand soup for a soup that's going into a casserole!!! Or you don't need Kraft products when you can get cheaper brands that taste the same or even better! Do you need to have RITZ brand crackers or is just plain hytop brand OK?
  • DESERT: You don't really need to have desert at every meal, maybe only Mon, wens and Fri you have desert. Or once a week. This can lower your bill also

These are just few was to cut down on your monthly food budget. I was thinking that if you were not doing any of these things and have a bill of $700 a month and then did this for 1 month, after just 1 month your bill could be $100-$200 less then the previous month. Who know, it could be less!

* Please remember that this is not to cause offence or to be rude. This list is merely a list of suggestions.