Thursday, December 31, 2009

Am I ready?

For the new year? I mean do I want a new decade to start? Will I be excited when the New year comes or will I be sad?
So many things have happened this year. For instance:
1. This year was the first time a horse bucked me off.
2. This year was the year the I started Commonwealth school.
3. This year was the first(or second) year that I've really studied in-depth.
This year was the first year I have had true happiness. Sure there's been days where I thought that "this is the worst day ever." But everyone has those days every once in a while. Right?

I'm just not ready for this year to be over. It seems like just yesterday was new years.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Love Story

This is a awesome reproduction of Love Story by Taylor Swift

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Era

This month the New Era was REALLY good! Here are a few thing I liked:

Elder Cook's message was really good. The section on being a saint today was especially good.

"Mary, sweet and tender maiden" (the song) is powerful.

"Why me?" was good. This is a good reminder that Heavenly Father does love us.

This is the poem:

"Quiet as Starlight"

Quiet as starlight
sweeter then
warm as Christmas
welcome as a candle
in the window
guiding me home,
soft as lab's wool,
still as peace,
the spirit speaks to me.

OK, maybe I liked... well, lets just say I liked pretty much all of it. HERE is the link to a list of all of the "stories"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!!!!!!!!

Jared's Birthday was yesterday!! He turned 10!!!! He had a great birthday! We went to Twin in the evening to visit a friend that was in the hospital. It turned out that he had already been released, so we went to Gerties(a local SUPER yummy pizza place) and went to D&B to get Jared a different size in Wranglers(he got a pair that was to small for his birthday) and to get me a different size in cwby boots(I'm getting some for Christmas but since mom didn't know the exact size to get them in she just guessed and they were the wrong size). Happy birthday Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DECEMBER! It's just not! Where did summer go? Where did all those warm sunny days go?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving pics


runners coming in

getting ready to run

singing happy birthday

Connect 4 tournament

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Also I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving. So we had the family turkey trot at ten. Then we went to finish cooking food and got ready then went back to Aunt Becky's to eat and play for a while. When we got home we found out that our horses were out so dad and I hurried to go catch them. It turned out that they were way over by the hwy and so we started to walk them back and then the ones without halters took off and then FINALLY after what seemed like forever we got them it! And boy, they were sooooooo thirsty.

My pics aren't loading so I'll try in the morning...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Key of Liberty

So because almost all of you read my mom's homeschooling blog you know that I've been taking Key of Liberty and I love it!!!!!!! So here's our schedule:

Devotional(prayer song pledge)

Turn in written reports

Give oral reports( I have my first one next week!!!!!)

5-10 minute break

Discuss our book that we're reading(we just finished John Adams, Reluctant Patriot of the Revolution)

30 minute lunch break

Leave(do errands in Twin)

BYU-I Concert

So last night we went to a BYU-I concert in Twin. We forgot to bring the camera but we were like the second row back!!! It was a empty row then some little girls then us!!!! It was pretty cool. We also took Paul and Ate at Cafe Rio before we went. Then of course we went grocery shopping.

Oh and it's snowed these past two mornings but it melted by noon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My "New" Room!!

So after all of the carpet and painting was done we put our rooms back together. It really isn't all that different except for I switched from a Queen sized bed to a twin sized bed(I'm a flopper and I thought I was going to fall out of bed that first night!!!) And Switched it around a little.

Here's some pictures of my "New" room:

My bookshelf

My dresser and desk

My bed, I love that horse painting above it

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life is CRAZY right now!!!

So we just repainted, are putting new carpet in this week, new roof and are putting tile in a bathroom and the dinning room. Life is so chaotic!! We have mattresses and just stuff EVERYWHERE except for the bedrooms.

Here are some picture of out life right now, these were taken before we took all of the mattresses and dressers, desk etc. out of the bedrooms.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Cousin Team Roping

This is my 8 year old cousin Breck roping at the High Desert Jr. Rodeo in Jerome, a month or two ago. He's the header and the heeler is his dad.

OK, he can rope better. I've seen him. But that's still really good!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simple Things to Think About

Ok, I have to admit that I haven't been very good with posting. But with all the new School stuff I thought I might(just might) post.

With all the things in the world it is hard to focus on one thing, Choosing what shirt you want to wear, choosing the toothpaste to use, etc. etc. etc!!!! Sometimes we tend to focus on REALLY un-needed things. We tend to think about what's for dinner instead of what we can teach our children, or reading a "brain candy" book instead of thinking about teaching our children to read.

We also tend do spend money on stuff we really DON'T need. *

So today at church(I really don't know how this relates to what is above, but it is what came to my mind:)) someone asked my mom to show him/her how to coupon, this person also said that he/she paid a very high dollar amount for grocery's. So at dinner tonight(well after church at least) mom and I had a discussion about how we can lower our monthly grocery bill(if I was in that type of situation).

Here some of our solutions:

  • BEVERAGES: We don't need to have Milk, juice or pop at every meal. It's good to have a gallon or two of milk for cereal. If you drink water 3 meals a day you're not going to loose weight or be unhealthy. Not only is it the healthiest it's also the cheapest.
  • SUGAR CEREAL: Not only is it more expensive but it is more addicting from the sugar so you eat more of it and so even if it is on sale it will end up costing the same as the normal price. ALSO, you get hungry Earlier like at 10 am and then you have to have snacks which also costs more money.
  • CASE-LOTS so I am assuming that every where else in the US has case-lot sales. ANY WAY!! if you buy all of your canned goods,( including: corn, green beans, tomato paste, soup, tuna.etc.) Mac and Cheese, Toilet Paper, etc. this lowers your monthly payment for those things.
  • MEAT: buy your meat from a butcher, auctions, friends, farms or privet dealers. The price per pound is cheaper and tastes SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!
  • NAME BRANDS: Ok, if you think about it you don't need Campbell's brand soup for a soup that's going into a casserole!!! Or you don't need Kraft products when you can get cheaper brands that taste the same or even better! Do you need to have RITZ brand crackers or is just plain hytop brand OK?
  • DESERT: You don't really need to have desert at every meal, maybe only Mon, wens and Fri you have desert. Or once a week. This can lower your bill also

These are just few was to cut down on your monthly food budget. I was thinking that if you were not doing any of these things and have a bill of $700 a month and then did this for 1 month, after just 1 month your bill could be $100-$200 less then the previous month. Who know, it could be less!

* Please remember that this is not to cause offence or to be rude. This list is merely a list of suggestions.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So we're home, well in Utah atleast! This is my first attemt at blogging on the hwy!

Here are some pictures of our trip:

Our old house

Niagra Falls and Canada

Us with Aunt Carol and Grandma Smallcomb

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We've been on a really fun trip since Monday! We drove to SLC on Monday, Flew to Philly on Tuesday(we woke up at 3:30 am!!!!) and we went to a Dover beach, On Wens. we went to to DC and after dinner drove to Grammy's house. Thursday we just hung out. and Friday Morning(this morning) Aunt Elaine gave me a haircut and now we are leaving in a couple minutes for Uncle Dan's Preception.
Last night Aunt Joan and Uncle Howard(great Uncles and Aunts) came and hung out for a while.

Last night dad asked me when the last time I posted was and I told him the 29th of July, he was like HOLY COW! So today when he walked into the kitchen and saw me blogging he was like Hallelujah! It was funny!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Horse Show and the Jr. Rodeo

I know I'm behind...
  • Fair is over! The horse show was very interesting! So this is what happened: The day started out great! I got FIRST in showmanship for my age division. Then I went into the final round with all the winners of all the age groups and when I was trotting away from the Judge,(remember that I was not riding Mater) he reared! And so I didn't do so good in the final round. So then I went to saddle him, that was fine then I went to warm him up. That wasn't so good. April and I went together and we went behind the stands and to make a long story short: Mater bucked me off. I landed on large pieced gravel. And well I'm fine. I got 7 in the following event and second in the event after that. Then we left I started to get sick and so we left.
  • The Junior Rodeo was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I loved the time I got on poles and I beat my goal by 3 seconds!!

Have any of you noticed the rain???

I might post some pictures of fair soon...but you never know! If I don't post them look on my Mom's blog, she's always so up to date!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Favorite Scrapbook Pages

The Pictures tell the Story!

Quick! Help me!!

This is to the people doing 4-H horse in Lincoln county- Richfield Idaho:

Does anyone have a record of our meetings? Books are due on Fri. and I don't have any of that info! I have EVERYTHING else except that!!!

Quick! Help me fast!!

Family Pictures

Can you tell I love to edit pictures???? Most of these were just with the click of a button but it was still fun to do! Thanks Debra, for showing me how to do it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming lessons are over!!!

Here are some pictures of swimming lessons:
Jennifer, Katelyn and me.


Luke, Conor and Caleb
Life Jacket day

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy fourth of July!!!!

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July! We had a great bar-b-que. And we had some good Fireworks! Thanks AJ and Uncle Don!

I'm so grateful for this Country in which we live in.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

FINALLY!!! We have weather that you can be outside in! I took these pictures from our backyard facing the water tower and the brown shed part of my Grandma's property. This is just a glimpse of what it was like!! Add rain(LOTS), drop the temperature 25 degrees and add a little more darkness and that's what it's like! Today we have BEAUTIFUL blue skies. And warmth. With a PERFECT Breeze!!
Zoomed in all the way.

Zoomed partly.
Not Zoomed in at all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New puppy!!

Yesterday we got a new puppy from our friends in Dietrich! She is a Border Collie/Unknown(mut) She is a yellowish grayish color with black spots. Lastnight was sure FUN!! She was yelping all night it felt like, We also went to Twin Yesterday to get all of the gear, since she is long haired she needs grommed and so we got brushes to groom her with. In target in the $1 bins thay just happened to have puppy stuff on sale, we got a really cute collar(that is way to big, she's wearing the cat's right now), a new leash, new doggie bowls that are soooooo cute and we got her a couple of toys. Oh, and Puppy chow.
Here are a few pictures:
Jared hold ing her up.
Aren't those bowls cute? And the WAY to big collar???
And so for family home evening we picked her up, went to Twin, And had a whisper family council(dad said that talking loudly hurt his ears) about the name and so we Decided on Lucy(I wanted to spell it Luci or Lucie). Hank likes her, but is jealous for all the attention!!

Outlaw days

I know that it may seem to be Summer, but it's not, at least not in Idaho. WE STILL HAVE ALL THE SPRING RAINS!!!! Yes, we got rained out. It was raining before the rodeo(at the parade), in the middle/end of the rodeo, and AFTER the rodeo!! Needless to say, I didn't do half bad!! The poor team roper's shirts were SOAKING by the time they were done! And then we came to barrels and poles...well they said that they had canceled barrels and so Kristen went to check, turns out that they didn't even have the poles there! So they did barrels instead of poles. My time was 29.3 Not to bad!!
Here's some pictures:
Coming back home(in barrels)
A bunch of us on Grandma's lawn waiting for the parade to start.
I'm not sure what that is
The boy's calf riding ribbons.
I just think this picture of barrel racing is so cool!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck for Outlaw days!! I'm like so really tremendously excited. This is a "special" holiday for Richfield, it's always so much fun!! The parade is always fun too!! I have mentioned this before, but this WILL be my first rodeo on Kristi!!! :) These are the events I am doing at the Rodeo:
  • Barrel racing :)
  • Pole bending :)
  • Rawhide race!!!

It will be so much fun, and Jared is doing:

  • Calf riding!!

He will do so good. Now all of you may be wondering if I have a time gaol, right? Well I do, for barrels, 20 sec. (I think I can do it is 15...I think) and poles: 40 sec. (I had a 42. something last year!!) I can't wait...wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trying to think...

...about what to post. I HAVE to admit that I'm BY FAR not the best poster person. Here are a few things that have come up:

  • Outlaw Days is on Saturday!!!!!! I'm really excited for it. I'm running Barrels and Poles again! This will be my FIRST RODEO on Kristi(some of you may know her by Bailey). Last time I practiced(Wenseday) we were going so fast I thought that she was bucking!!!!
  • We've hit the Summer mode of school. We've been listening to Spanish, and we have been doing science experiments. Just how my mom outlined.
  • I am working in the nursery tonight!(for enrichment) It's kind of been a long procces. I think it will be fun though!

There is a few other things. I just can't think of them...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What to post...???

Hmmmm, I can't think of anything to post! Other then we have cousins over for 3 days and we have to do chores! Yesterday we also went to the swimming hole. We had lots of fun! The majority of the time was spent waiting for Tanner to catch a fish or for him to give up. Hank had a BLAST!!! Hmmmmmm, anything else? Oh, I almost missed a BIG one! The IDEA portfolio's are due on Tuesday. So it's been kind of CRAZY!!! We have write a bunch of reports and all sorts of other things. And the weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Yesterday the thermometer said it was about 98, and it was only supposed to be 89!! Other then that nothing much as come up...for now!