Thursday, June 25, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

FINALLY!!! We have weather that you can be outside in! I took these pictures from our backyard facing the water tower and the brown shed part of my Grandma's property. This is just a glimpse of what it was like!! Add rain(LOTS), drop the temperature 25 degrees and add a little more darkness and that's what it's like! Today we have BEAUTIFUL blue skies. And warmth. With a PERFECT Breeze!!
Zoomed in all the way.

Zoomed partly.
Not Zoomed in at all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New puppy!!

Yesterday we got a new puppy from our friends in Dietrich! She is a Border Collie/Unknown(mut) She is a yellowish grayish color with black spots. Lastnight was sure FUN!! She was yelping all night it felt like, We also went to Twin Yesterday to get all of the gear, since she is long haired she needs grommed and so we got brushes to groom her with. In target in the $1 bins thay just happened to have puppy stuff on sale, we got a really cute collar(that is way to big, she's wearing the cat's right now), a new leash, new doggie bowls that are soooooo cute and we got her a couple of toys. Oh, and Puppy chow.
Here are a few pictures:
Jared hold ing her up.
Aren't those bowls cute? And the WAY to big collar???
And so for family home evening we picked her up, went to Twin, And had a whisper family council(dad said that talking loudly hurt his ears) about the name and so we Decided on Lucy(I wanted to spell it Luci or Lucie). Hank likes her, but is jealous for all the attention!!

Outlaw days

I know that it may seem to be Summer, but it's not, at least not in Idaho. WE STILL HAVE ALL THE SPRING RAINS!!!! Yes, we got rained out. It was raining before the rodeo(at the parade), in the middle/end of the rodeo, and AFTER the rodeo!! Needless to say, I didn't do half bad!! The poor team roper's shirts were SOAKING by the time they were done! And then we came to barrels and poles...well they said that they had canceled barrels and so Kristen went to check, turns out that they didn't even have the poles there! So they did barrels instead of poles. My time was 29.3 Not to bad!!
Here's some pictures:
Coming back home(in barrels)
A bunch of us on Grandma's lawn waiting for the parade to start.
I'm not sure what that is
The boy's calf riding ribbons.
I just think this picture of barrel racing is so cool!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck for Outlaw days!! I'm like so really tremendously excited. This is a "special" holiday for Richfield, it's always so much fun!! The parade is always fun too!! I have mentioned this before, but this WILL be my first rodeo on Kristi!!! :) These are the events I am doing at the Rodeo:
  • Barrel racing :)
  • Pole bending :)
  • Rawhide race!!!

It will be so much fun, and Jared is doing:

  • Calf riding!!

He will do so good. Now all of you may be wondering if I have a time gaol, right? Well I do, for barrels, 20 sec. (I think I can do it is 15...I think) and poles: 40 sec. (I had a 42. something last year!!) I can't wait...wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trying to think...

...about what to post. I HAVE to admit that I'm BY FAR not the best poster person. Here are a few things that have come up:

  • Outlaw Days is on Saturday!!!!!! I'm really excited for it. I'm running Barrels and Poles again! This will be my FIRST RODEO on Kristi(some of you may know her by Bailey). Last time I practiced(Wenseday) we were going so fast I thought that she was bucking!!!!
  • We've hit the Summer mode of school. We've been listening to Spanish, and we have been doing science experiments. Just how my mom outlined.
  • I am working in the nursery tonight!(for enrichment) It's kind of been a long procces. I think it will be fun though!

There is a few other things. I just can't think of them...