Friday, January 22, 2010

Day on the Hill!

Today(after spending the night at Emily's) we went to the J. R Williams building and had our "Stonesetters" day on the hill. It was sooooooooooo cool!!! All of our bills passed(Jared: State Dog, Luke: State essay contest, Me: fishing liscence ban)! And then we went over to the "New" Capital Building for a tour. It was awesome! Also I met my penpal(from last year)!!! It was fun to hang out together, I haven't seen her since last year, and we keep emailing and writing letters...but...that just isn't as fun(although getting a letter is fun). Hear are some pictures:
This clock has a very cool story
The Routunda(sp?)

At our District Senator's Desk

In the Senators Chambar

Doorway into the Senate Chambars
A Wolf on the wall of Rep. Moyle's office.
(left to right) Rep. Moyle, Luke, Me, Paige(penpal), Brooke(penpal), Jared and another Rep.

Stars on the roof of the rotunda

Looking down from the 2nd floor rotunda

Jared getting his cirtificate of participation in Stonesetters

"Getting to know each other

Fun with cousins!

Last night we were able to stay at Emily and Richard's. Thanks for the fun Emily and Richard!
Cameron Playing

Barrett, Cameron, Luke and Jared made a castle of wooden blocks!
Right before we left(note: Jared's coat)

Friday, January 15, 2010


Tonight I was trying to find a full pedigree for my horse Bailey(whose registered name is Westways Star), she's a appendix quarter horse(used for racing 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 TB) and I found a lot of cool stuff about some of her "family." First of all I learned that her Grandpa is Raise a Native!!!! Raise a Native is the son of Native Dancer!!!!!!!!!!! Native dancer is a pretty famous race horse(his career earnings were $785,000(he ran in the Kuntucky Derby and got second!!!!!!!!)! Also, out of another son of Native dancer is Man to Beat!!!!! Who was also famous!!! The website I found this on only had TB's on it so all of these are TB's my next goal is to do Barbie's Star's(Bailey's mom's who is the Quarter horse) pedigree.

Here are some pictures of them(some are very very distant grandparents)

These are the registered names. And I believe all but 1 or 2 are race horses

Whisk Broom

Reigh Count

Ok, is screwed this up, this is Raise a Native(still pretty don't you think) and he did NOT die at age 17 of colic.

OK, this is Native Dancer he DID die at age 17 of colic and DID run in the Kentucky Derby and got 2nd.

Man o' War(he's famous too)



Count Fleet


Here is the link for Westways Star's Pedigree (her sire's side anyway) and here is the link for free TB pedigree's

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I know I haven't posted in a while but I don't really know what to post...I'll try to think of something...
  • I have finally finished memorizing to Declaration of Independence!!!!! It still needs a little(OK, maybe like a lot) more work before we present it to class on Friday.
  • I read the freedom factor in about 24 hours. I highly recommend it. It is soooooo good!!!!
  • Happy New Year!!!
  • Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven't posted anything about Christmas. But we had a really good Christmas.
  • Hmmmm. Since this blog is 'supposed' to be about horses I'm just going to say I haven't ridden in a long time, my mare is waaaaaaay to fat!
I know there's a lot more that's happened but those were the ones that are on my mind.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I told you Idaho is beautiful...

Who Says this isn't beautiful? And no, I didn't take this this week! I took it some time in Sept. I think.