Friday, November 28, 2008


Doesn't it feel like the dead of winter? Thanksgiving is over, so get ready for winter things! Merry Christmas! It's almost December! any body have their Christmas lists done? Anyone?

Ener Dude Sutter

Jared's hamster died a little while ago. So he got a new one! This one is very friendly and does not hiss,bite or scratch(that type of thing). This one was actually bred to be very nice so we all adore him! This is Jared's quote about him "He is named Ener after Energy Dude his father." We all asked him why Energy dude "was" his father. He just replied "I like to pretend." Like the Kings and Queens of fairy tales I guess...
His new one!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys! We went to my grandma's house pretty much all day!

Morning: We had to do chores this morning and we have to do them till Sunday.

Next: We had the Turkey trot(Family tratition(and a fun one) At 11.00 am. Then...
Afternoon: At 1.00 pm we went to Grandma's house for dinner and hung out until 6.00 pm
I'll post some pictures of our day . . .

Reverse Picture!
Get ready set...GO!
Eating Dinner


Also I got to hold Abbie today!!


Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, It's not really that I "don't have the time" I just haven't been in the mood. So I'll try to catch up a little bit of what I've been doing in the last few days/weeks/whatever I've not posted. In the nest few days/weeks. So just be ready for a BOOST of posts!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Part three: The zoo

So on Friday we were able to go to the zoo also. Let me tell you we swam at the pool also so since I only have a three part post I'll put the swimming pictures on this post...

Double Click on the picture to see it better.

Playing on the teeter-totter.

In front of the rhino underground exhibit.

On the lion statue.


In front of the elephant
Talking it over
Boosting Tanner
As you can see Tanner came with us, he had a lot of fun!

Part Two: Temple Square

So following bowling we left for Utah.. My dad had a Thing in Denver and he was flying there and back in the same day so we just stayed at the hotel and hung out! We were able to go to Temple square and watch the Joesph Smith Movie(that's Jared's favorite thing to do). And we went to the distribution center to get Luke's 8 year presents(scriptures, case, etc.). Here are some pictures of Temple Square...

in front of the Christis

All worn out.
Taking a break. Tanner really liked his pictures( The sheep are for a nativity set).
Sitting in front of Joesph Smith's statue.

A Three Piece Story. Part One: Bowling

On Thursday we went bowling with some of our cousins. We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of bowling...

Aunt Emily and Cameron.

Cameron and Serena.

Jared, Luke and Tanner.

Vallyn, Clay, Malia and Becky.

Caleb and Serena.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Tag

So I've been tagged by my mom.

The following things are 8 interesting/unique/ whatever things about me.

1. I love horses(bet ya didn't know that!) I love riding, I've ridden in snow ad rain it doesn't keep me away!

2. I love computers and being on them. It's so fun. I enjoy every minute with them, unless of course I'm "mad" at them.

3. My dream vacation is a cruise on the Mediterranean, I want to go on a cruise sooooooo bad!

4. I'm at work today with my dad! I love the time here. Just to be on computers is a day of dreams to me( really it is)!

5. I love goodreads and to add books to my "to read" shelf. Most of them I don't know if I'll even read but it's fun to add them.

6. We went to Twin today and went shopping, I got some new "fake" nails(I'm running out of idea's).

7. I'm a total Conservative, I just can't stand Obama. To tell you the truth I almost puked when I found out he won! I just can't stand for him. As I would say to my parents, "my father has taught me well" just so all of you know my dad is the vice chair district 25 Republican party. I love it, stand for truth and right.

8. My favorite place to be is Southern Idaho, in small towns like Dietrich and Richfield. I just can't stand big cities, sometimes even Twin can be a little to big for me. I have seen quite a bit of the US compared to most people my age, and I choose here(of course I have been here the longest). I do like SLC(Salt Lake City) but just temple square. Always having to drive slow, it's just not fun! And most of all there isn't any horses! Well there are but not western style(western style riding) horses.

As you can see I can have big opinions and they matter to me. I stand for truth and right. I don't let evil get in my way. It's hard I can tell you, it's not like there aren't trials. Last but not least and once again, I stand for truth and right.

I tag anyone who want's to do it...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well happy Halloween to every one! I hope you all had a marvelous Halloween, we did. Here are some pictures of Halloween...

All of us.

Padawan, Luke!

Hu(exited, gasp!) it's the blue ranger(Caleb)!

Oh's Travis Pastrana(Tanner)!

It's Optimis prime to the rescue(Connor)!
Jace decided not to go trick-or-treating and stayed home with dad and watched a show!

Here I am I'm just a plain cowgirl(I don't know anyone famous:)

And here is "Rocky" the ninja(from the 3 ninjas)

Here we all are. We were just leaving and all the cousins came over(they went in a group). The only people that we're missing are, Carter, Bryson and Abigail. We missed them! :) But again Abigail was only 4 days old!