Who am I?

  1. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
  2. I love to play the organ and piano
  3. I could ride horses all day everyday...which I get as close to doing as I can
  4. I love Idaho
  5. 6 is my favorite single digit number
  6. I love Johnny Carinos...talk about YUM!
  7. I love doing my hair
  8. the Lord of the Rings are the BEST!
  9. I don't like brushing my teeth or washing my face very much but I do it religiously because I like cavities and acne even less
  10. Branding is the best time all year long!
  11. Freestyle Reining is my favorite dicipline
  12. I finally taught my horse to spin
  13. I don't like to do nothing. Watching a movie can be painful sometimes!
  14. Heber C Kimball was my 4th great-grandfather. I feel 'well bred' lol!
  15. I live on a 80 acre ranch
  16. I have red hair :)
  17. I am my ward's organist and LOVE it!
  18. My best friend lives 1 1/2 hours away.
  19. I LOVE swing dancing. I could do it 24/7...oh wait I have to ride too...I could ride all day and dance all night?!?!
  20. I could get a lot more done everyday if I didn't have to sleep...yeah bummer I can't change that!
  21. I love to read when it's too cold to ride and the internet's shut off so I can't look up pedigrees. :)jk. I love to read all the time if the book is good.
  22. I can get my driver's license anytime now.
  23. I think driving a stick shift is fun!
  24. I love to quilt.
  25. I wish I could live in jeans and skirts, I really don't like pj's or sweat pants or shorts...yes definitely not shorts...you can't wear boots with them and look 'normal.'
  26. A warm fire with a good book is like Heaven...only if it's too cold to ride mind you...
  27. I may or may not talk to myself occasionally
  28. Cottage Cheese is gross
  29. I'm a sophmore in high school
  30. It drives me crazy when people act stupid.
  31. I don't like to run but I do it occasionally because I know it's good for me
  32. I love wearing new clothes.
  33. Working hard can be painful but it's a good pain
  34. Chick-fil-a is the place if ya want good fast food!(Taco Bell is a close second)
  35. I rarely am seen without hay in my hair
  36. I love to sing
  37. I like wearing skirts when I'm inside
  38. I get super excited when I get a new follower
  39. Regional dances are really fun if you're with friends. (Filer and Kimberly are usually the best around here just fyi)
  40. I don't like to wear heels, they KILL your feet and back!! flats are the way to go when you can't wear boots.
  41. I drink water 95% of the time
  42. I love parties with friends(good ones). I could go to one every night, especially if we're watching the Avengers and  then swing dancing
  43. I love spending time in the Temple to just think and to leave behind the cares of the world
  44. I sprained my wrist 1 1/2 years ago and it still hurts all. the. time. :(
  45. I like to get up early, but it's hard!
  46. I get to go to a Stacy Westfall Clinic next fall!!!!!!!
  47. 48 is my favorite double digit number
  48. I need to learn to think before I talk, sometime stuff just comes out...
  49. I really want some toms and a pair of UGG boots right now!
  50. I trained a horse to move off your leg the opposite way I wanted her to accidentally...you just have to ride her differently than other horses I guess until I decide to take the time to fix it. (she moves into leg pressure instead of away from it)
  51. Stake Youth Firesides are always awesome!
  52. I am still trying to figure out how to get my parents to let me build the Tabernacle organ in our house :)
  53. I was lucky enough to attend General Conference live. It was pretty cool!
  54. My AQHA membership ID is 3515770 in case you were wondering
  55. I really want to invest in some Shining Spark blood lately
  56. I don't like texting all that much butI do it waaaayyyy too often
  57. Trying to read on a LED screen is a terrible idea :)
  58. I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that he restored the one and only true Church to the earth in these the Latter Days.
  59. Essential Oils are awesome!
  60.  When I can't be riding I am researching either training techniques or researching pedigrees.
  61. My hair goes to my waist when it's straightened.
  62. Stacy Westfall, Buck Brannaman, Obbie Schlom and Bob Loomis are just a few of my favorite trainers.
  63. Spring is probably my favorite season
  64. I like taking super hot showers.
  65. My broodmare I have right now is foundered :(
  66. The ksl.com ads are the BEST!!
  67. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I am the oldest in our family
  68. I really want a palomino, blue roan and paint horse to add some color to my herd.
  69. I love taking and editing pictures, but I'm not very good at it :)
  70.  I spend waaay too much  time on the computer sometimes
  71. I really don't 'get' twitter.
  72. 75 is a big number!
  73. I love learning how to do options trading, I still just do it with paper $ at this point though
  74. Most chocolate is gross, like 90% of it, but if it's good, it's really good! :)

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