Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Caleb's bike riding

Goodbye training wheels!

Today Caleb decided that he needed to learn have to ride a bike without training wheels. I was surprised that the first time I let go, he rode for about five feet before crashing . He is so smart when he was about to crash he would put his leg down and lock his knee. He only got hurt badly once. I imagine being so good comes from him watching Jared, Luke and I learn to ride. Finally I said " it's time to take a break and maybe later we could come back out." He sure didn't want to stop so, finally I just went inside, and Caleb is still out there with Luke and Jared. Then Jared wanted to go around the block(already). Jared seems to be pushing it farther then Caleb would like.

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We are Ben and Rebecca said...

Ugh. I had an OLDER brother that always pushed me into sports ... he's have me practicing batting for HOURS. But I became really good at softball after that Ü. I was the youngest, so I never got the chance to help anyone learn to ride a bike, that must be an exciting feeling!