Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I've been abandoning my blog, but now I have something to tell about. We got rodents, and yes, real rodents. On Sunday during the hole sacrament meeting Jared kept telling me, " we have rodent's" in a dazed voice. They are Jared and my hamster but the little boys like to look at them. We also went with our cousin Tanner, he helped us pick them out. I'll post a whole section on each on. . .

Samuel Peanut Sutter( My hamster)
Sammy has two names Peanut and Sammy you can call him ether one. He is tan and white with a few stripes a dark gray. He hides in the tube mostly, and will run in there if anybody besides me comes into the room, he is starting to be getting skittish for even me though. He is very cute and lovable.

Energy Dude( Jared's hamster)
Energy Dude is a runner. He loves his wheel and is cute. He is also tan and white with some stripes of dark gray. " He keeps me up all night" says Jared. Jared's hamster wheel is VERY loud. But we forgive him.

My cage.

Jared's cage.

Half in,

half out(this is his favorite sleeping position).

Hank wanted his picture taken!

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We are Ben and Rebecca said...

I'd be excited for you if you didn't call them rodents. because we have some living in our walls. UGH! I just heard them last night and I'm freaking out. If only they could be as cute as hampsters!!!