Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hamster that was MIA

The Hamster

Jared's hamster went MIA 2 days ago. We searched high and low in Jared's room we decided that it had been eaten by the cat...but last night I was fixing my bed up a little bit and I saw this little Black thing scurry across the far end of my bed(in MY room) I realized that it was Ener!!!! I started saying loudly(very loudly) Ener I found Ener he's alive!!! Jared was SOOOOOOO relieved!!! Then they had to fix up the cage we kissed the rodent goodnight(Caleb kissed him on the lips, he is SOOOO nice) and went to bed. Don't forget this all happened at 10 at night...

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Idaho Sutters said...

I LOVE your spring background so fun! I'm glad you found the hamster!