Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Horse Show and the Jr. Rodeo

I know I'm behind...
  • Fair is over! The horse show was very interesting! So this is what happened: The day started out great! I got FIRST in showmanship for my age division. Then I went into the final round with all the winners of all the age groups and when I was trotting away from the Judge,(remember that I was not riding Mater) he reared! And so I didn't do so good in the final round. So then I went to saddle him, that was fine then I went to warm him up. That wasn't so good. April and I went together and we went behind the stands and to make a long story short: Mater bucked me off. I landed on large pieced gravel. And well I'm fine. I got 7 in the following event and second in the event after that. Then we left I started to get sick and so we left.
  • The Junior Rodeo was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I loved the time I got on poles and I beat my goal by 3 seconds!!

Have any of you noticed the rain???

I might post some pictures of fair soon...but you never know! If I don't post them look on my Mom's blog, she's always so up to date!

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