Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Era

This month the New Era was REALLY good! Here are a few thing I liked:

Elder Cook's message was really good. The section on being a saint today was especially good.

"Mary, sweet and tender maiden" (the song) is powerful.

"Why me?" was good. This is a good reminder that Heavenly Father does love us.

This is the poem:

"Quiet as Starlight"

Quiet as starlight
sweeter then
warm as Christmas
welcome as a candle
in the window
guiding me home,
soft as lab's wool,
still as peace,
the spirit speaks to me.

OK, maybe I liked... well, lets just say I liked pretty much all of it. HERE is the link to a list of all of the "stories"

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Idaho Sutters said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts from the New Era.