Friday, January 15, 2010


Tonight I was trying to find a full pedigree for my horse Bailey(whose registered name is Westways Star), she's a appendix quarter horse(used for racing 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 TB) and I found a lot of cool stuff about some of her "family." First of all I learned that her Grandpa is Raise a Native!!!! Raise a Native is the son of Native Dancer!!!!!!!!!!! Native dancer is a pretty famous race horse(his career earnings were $785,000(he ran in the Kuntucky Derby and got second!!!!!!!!)! Also, out of another son of Native dancer is Man to Beat!!!!! Who was also famous!!! The website I found this on only had TB's on it so all of these are TB's my next goal is to do Barbie's Star's(Bailey's mom's who is the Quarter horse) pedigree.

Here are some pictures of them(some are very very distant grandparents)

These are the registered names. And I believe all but 1 or 2 are race horses

Whisk Broom

Reigh Count

Ok, is screwed this up, this is Raise a Native(still pretty don't you think) and he did NOT die at age 17 of colic.

OK, this is Native Dancer he DID die at age 17 of colic and DID run in the Kentucky Derby and got 2nd.

Man o' War(he's famous too)



Count Fleet


Here is the link for Westways Star's Pedigree (her sire's side anyway) and here is the link for free TB pedigree's


Idaho Sutters said...

I like your blog background. Good job on all the horse research. Those are neat pictures.

Kristen said...

So your mom just sent me links to all of you kids' blogs so I thought I would check then out. Yours is WAY cool! Of coarse I noticed the horse of the websites that I really like for pedigree info is It's free to look up their extended pedigrees. And.....if you are a member of the AQHA (which I think I remember you did when you transfered Bailey into your name) you get $10 free every month to look up pedigrees on horses and their performance records. Have fun, I love doing my horses "geneology"!