Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, YEAH, the blog...

So what am I supposed to post?????? I "manage" to LOOK at my blog EVERY DAY but...what should I post? UGG!
  • Lucy had puppies(a month ago) as most of you know(8).
  • The Pinewood Derby is on Thursday,
Oh man! I forgot what else, I write it in my Journal every day so wait while I go get it....

OK, I'm back, now...

Starting March 1
WE DEJUNKED THE HOUSE AGAIN!!!!(Later in the week)
March 3 was Bailey's b-day, I can't believe she's 20!!!!
on March 8 we had a spring party at the Telford's(Sara makes YUMMY doughnuts!!!)
We've slept in the camper 3 times so far(as for me...only twice with the boys) it's that season!
OH YEAH...THE PLAY!!! Sooooooooo we did the play last week, it was the pied piper, Luke and Caleb were rats(how could you guess??) Jared was a 'townskid' and I was an assistant director, it's quite the Education! You should have seen me running back and forth backstage... I'm a natural...JUST KIDDING!!
and yesterday the horses got out, well not Bailey but the other two horses that board with her got out. It wasn't as bad as it has been in the past but it was COLD!!!

So yeah, that's the catch-up...

P.S I don't know why the writing is big, sorry.

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