Sunday, October 10, 2010

College for me?

* I do not mean to offend by this post. These are merely my thoughts and beliefs and if you do not agree, you are more than welcome to not read it*  

  People often ask me, where are you going to go for college? It is a fair question, valid and, to most people relevant. But, is it to me? Shocker... no. It is not relevant to me.

     Most people want to go to college just to have fun, to get away from their families and to just mess around. Occasionally they are there to learn because they like it. BUT, what is the underlying reason to why people go to college? I mean after all, if kids just want to go mess around with their friends they can just go and move out and live with their friends in the next state. So, college... why do people go? What is the underlying reason? I believe that it is to get a degree so that they can get a good(or well paying) job.

     So, why isn't this relavent to me? I don't need a good job. I already have one, the job of a wife and mother. Why is it that this isn't satisfying to enough women and girls? It is the highest calling that you can have.

     Most people would then say, well you still should have a job just in case your husband dies or gets hurt. Sorry. but if my husband gets hurt or something, I would go back to my father's household. If he dies, than I would go to my Grandfather, Uncle etc.

     I am to stay under my father's watchful eye until he hands me off when I am married. It's really hard to explain this without sounding bad. I do not mean to sound like women are not equal to men, at all! Women are equal to men, but I do think that the men are the ones who are in charge. The ones that need to be presiding. It is a godly principal.

     Are there exceptions? Of course, but am I one? No. So, what do I do. I learn so that I can teach my children. I learn to can, cook, clean, sew, quilt, etc. These are the skills that women 100 years ago had. Period. The entersting fact is, that even though they didn't all go to school and college, as a whole, they were a much more educated people than we are.

     So, is college for me? No, not personally, but can it be for other people? Yes, I think so.

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