Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun Week!!!

 We had the lovely experience of having to take Bailey to the vet this week, because she stepped on a big fencing staple.

Yep, we got home from somewhere on Monday night at about 9 PM and I saw that Bailey was out. So I went to catch her so I could put her back and when I walked past her to get the halter she didn't flinch(she usually will run away because she doesn't want to be caught!). So I caught her and she was limping really bad.

So, I got my dad and we checked her feet and found a nice  big, rusty staple in her foot. and we pulled it out. And I gave her some antibiotics and other stuff. And texted Kristen to ask her what medicine to use on it.

Tuesday morning Kristen called(she hadn't texted back earlier because her phone was dead). She said we had to get her to the vet as soon as possible for antibiotics. I knew that she had a horse that had to be put down from stepping on a nail.  So I called our vet and got an appointment for that afternoon.

We arrived with a little bit of trouble but we got there and the vet said she needed to have antibiotics. He gave her banamine(for pain, it is like human asprin) genamyacin(sp? an antibiotic) and penicillin right then and said that she should have a profusion the next day(today). So she got to stay the night.

We also went to watch the profusion which was very interesting. It is actually called a something glandin profusion but I forgot what it was called. I want to say prostlgandin but I know that is wrong. But any way, they put a tourniquet on her leg to shut off blood flow. Then they injected a large amount of antibiotic in the vien below the tourniquet. and then you have the leave the tourniquet on for a while(an ideal is 30 minutes) horses generally don't like the tourniquet and even though they are sedated to where they are about to fall over they still can(and do!!) explode unexpectedly. So it is hard to got 30 minutes!!! We got 20, whenever they move the foot with the tourniquet they can feel it so that is when they generally react.

After they were done they gave her an antibiotic shot that will last 4-5 days(so I don't have to give IV shots 2x a day), we walked some of the sedation off and then took her home. On Sunday when the antibiotic wears off we will put her on oral antibiotics for 10 days or so.

So yeah, that is my story for the week! I hope yours wasn't as expensive!!!

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