Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of the year party for Commonwealth

Friday night we had an end of the year(semester) party for our commonwealth classes, my class (Sword of Freedom) was able to have a "Reunification Ball" to 'celebrate' the end of the civil war(what the class was about) so we all got to dress up for the night and we performed two dances, the waltz and the polka for the parent program. here are some pictures of the evening: the pictures are pretty blury, sorry!

Jared giving his "blurb" about something he learned

Me giving my "blurb" about something I learned

Me in my dress, this one is really blurry!

me getting my sword( the prize for completing the class)

Jared and his Key of Liberty class ( Revolutionary war class) with their mentors

Part of one of the dances we did

Me and my sword of freedom class ( civil war class) some of the boys are too short to be seen!

Part of a dance

Part of a dance

It was a rather long day in Twin but we had a great time and learned a lot of new things! After the parent program was over all of us girls went outside on the grass to spin with our dresses on, it was pretty fun! thanks for a great year guys...

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crazy4boys said...

LOVE the dresses. I sometimes wish we could dress like that all the time. It sounds like it was a great class. And I'm glad that the North and South have successfully reunited.