Sunday, June 10, 2012

after 13 months of waiting and hoping...the birth pictures

Here are just some pictures from the birth, I finally got them to load at my Grandma's house. Don't click 'read more' if you are really really sqeamish. I don't think that they are bad or bloody, but you never know!

this is just about 10 minutes after her water broke


this is Cathy and I pulling before Wendell got there you can see her nose, this is just after we broke that sack

this is a random one from Friday

Wendell and I pulling, i wasn't grossed out, I promise, it was just really bright out!

he said 'hold his head' and I said 'yes sir' and I grabbed it and he pulled and...

walla...a baby

checking her over after she was born, you can sort of see Bailey bleeding really bad, it was a lot worse...

Bailey wasn't too interested at first!

She's a doll!

She likes her after all!

'I'm trying to stand up mamma!'

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Becky Kent said...

Way to go Olivia! You are a lady of many talents and now you can add horse mid-wifery to your many titles.