Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The effects of barbed wire...don't click if you are sqeamish!!!

Poor Que got trapped in the fence on Sunday night and it looked pretty rough! This is what it looked like after we started to clean it up.

That glob in the middle in basically her bicep muscle! Gross!

Poor Girl! she is so sweet and patient though!

We had Kristen come and help us clean it out, it was pretty rough, but she took it like a champ! it is basically in her armpit and so it is really hard to keep covered:

Poor Que is scraped up all over!

We took her to the vet yesterday(we talked to him on sunday too) and she got about 15 stitches and the muscle that was hanging just got cut off! It looked like it hurt! Que has been awesome though and just stood there(with some sedation) she just plays with my hair when I'm bending down to wrap it!  she has a big red wrap on that looks like a cast since she can't really move it. She got to come home when he was done, which was good. We took her over to Kristen's to recooperate since the cows broke down all of my pens to keep her in, and Kristen doesn't have anybody in her barn anyway. This morning about 1/2 of the stitches had come out which we weren't really surprised about since the skin was stretched so tightly. But the more we can get to hold the less skin she will have to regrow and the less her recovery time will be.
Hopefully everything will turn out ok and she will be able to run again! We will have a better idea when she gets the stitches out in 2 weeks which is when Bailey has to get ultrasounded anyway so it worked out ok.
We're praying that she is pregnant!!!
I think people think that I'm crazy for rebreeding her.
I probably am, but seriously, it's all about the experience!

Hopefully Que will be back to running and performing just like her daddy, though I don't think she was at this level quite yet!

 Isn't he pretty!


sariah said...

That is awful! Is that your baby horse that was just born recently? Did she get tangled up and then freak out? Poor thing.....

Olivia said...

Yes, this is Baby Que, she is almost 2 months old. Unfortunately we don't know how it happened other than it was probably barbed wire.