Friday, March 8, 2013

Rereading Freckles

Freckles is one of my favorite books. I love it! I reread it this past week and wanted to share just a couple of my favorite quotes. 

"I have been studying over this matter." Answered McLean. "I am not so sure that a man no older than you and similar in every way could do this work very well, if he were not a coward, and had it in him to be trustworthy and industrious"
Freckles came forward a step.
"If you will give me a job where is can earn me food, clothes, and a place to sleep," he said, "if I can have a Boss to work for like other men, and a place I feel I've a right to, I will do precisely what you tell me or die trying."

I love how freckles presented his argument to Mr McLean of why he should be hired. He wasn't trying to be a showoff, he was presenting his moral values and saying -at least to me- take it or leave it.

"That winter held the first hours of real happiness in Freckles' life. He was free. He was doing a man's work faithfully, through every rigor of rain, snow, and blizzard. He was gathering a wonderful strength of body, paying his way, and saving money. Every an of the gang and if that knew that he was under the protection of McLean, who was a power, this had the effect o smoothing Freckles' path in many directions."

I love how Gene Stratton Porter so skillfully captivated how when you have a job or a purpose you are naturally happier. Even though Freckles was working very hard he was happy because he had a purpose.

"Well, if life ain't getting to be worth living!" he said wonderingly. "Biggest streak of luck I ever had! 'Bout time something was coming my way, but I wouldn't ever thought anybody could strike such magnificent prospects through only a falling feather."

It it amazing how he appreciates life s much, and can see the beauty in just small things.
"Well, maybe you are going to be a great scholar," she said, "but you don't look it. Your face isn't right for that, but it's got something big in it - something really great. I must find out hat it is and then you must work on it. Your father is expecting you to do something. One an tell by the way he talks You should begin right away. You've wasted too much time already."

Our life misions are built inside us, it is in our very genetic makeup and we all have the potential to become some thing 'really great' but, as the Angel said, we've all wasted too much time already. So go and seek out your missions! Our Heavenly Father wants us to do something, so do it!

"I'll do anything you want me to," said Freckles largely "and if I can't do what you want I'll go to work at once and I'll try 'till I can"

I Love his dedication to the Angel. Ladies, this is a real man, a man that will take care of you no matter what!

"Anyone who knows you even half as well as I do, knows that you are never guilty of a discourtesy, and you move with twice the grace of any man here. Why shouldn't you feel as if you belonged where people are graceful and courteous?"

It doesn't matter our social status, if we act graceful and courteous than we have every right to associate with people who do likewise!

"I want you to be my real knight, Freckles, and come o me and tell me that you -like me-a little. I have been counting on you for my sweetheart from the very first, Freckles. I can't give you up, unless you don't like me But you do like me-just a little- don't you Freckles?"

I Love how devoted the Angel is to Freckles, and how sweet she is.

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