Saturday, October 12, 2013


This was one awesome mare. 

Talk about an amazing best friend
who never doubted you, 
or thought you were silly
when you would get
the wildest ideas in your head.

We trained each other, 
and if horses could cry,
 I'm pretty sure there would have been
 equal amounts of blood, 
sweat and tears put into each other.

  I loved this mare like crazy 
and I am so grateful for what she taught me. 

But Heavenly Father needed her more than I did, 
so she returned home,
to him.

 I'm pretty sure she is loping around the pastures of heaven right now,
 knowing she lived a good life, 
and brought so much happiness to me, 
and the many others who rode her. 

I miss you like crazy, but I am so happy you are out of pain now.

I love you

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