Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Tag

So I've been tagged by my mom.

The following things are 8 interesting/unique/ whatever things about me.

1. I love horses(bet ya didn't know that!) I love riding, I've ridden in snow ad rain it doesn't keep me away!

2. I love computers and being on them. It's so fun. I enjoy every minute with them, unless of course I'm "mad" at them.

3. My dream vacation is a cruise on the Mediterranean, I want to go on a cruise sooooooo bad!

4. I'm at work today with my dad! I love the time here. Just to be on computers is a day of dreams to me( really it is)!

5. I love goodreads and to add books to my "to read" shelf. Most of them I don't know if I'll even read but it's fun to add them.

6. We went to Twin today and went shopping, I got some new "fake" nails(I'm running out of idea's).

7. I'm a total Conservative, I just can't stand Obama. To tell you the truth I almost puked when I found out he won! I just can't stand for him. As I would say to my parents, "my father has taught me well" just so all of you know my dad is the vice chair district 25 Republican party. I love it, stand for truth and right.

8. My favorite place to be is Southern Idaho, in small towns like Dietrich and Richfield. I just can't stand big cities, sometimes even Twin can be a little to big for me. I have seen quite a bit of the US compared to most people my age, and I choose here(of course I have been here the longest). I do like SLC(Salt Lake City) but just temple square. Always having to drive slow, it's just not fun! And most of all there isn't any horses! Well there are but not western style(western style riding) horses.

As you can see I can have big opinions and they matter to me. I stand for truth and right. I don't let evil get in my way. It's hard I can tell you, it's not like there aren't trials. Last but not least and once again, I stand for truth and right.

I tag anyone who want's to do it...

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Idaho Sutters said...

Great post. Your funny. Going on a Mediterranean cruise would be great!