Friday, September 16, 2011


Yes, I have doubled my horses. In one day.

WHAT??? You may say, but it's true.

 A few weeks ago a guy we know said that he really needed to get rid if his chariot racing team, and wanted to know if we would take them. So, my dad, the wonderful heart that he is said yes. So I have doubled my 'herd.'

At least they are both geldings. I DO NOT LIKE MARES ANYMORE!!!!

They both seem to be really gentle and let me do anything on the ground with them. Walk behind them, spray them etc.

One is broke for sure. I haven't tried to ride them though. The guy rode one of them to our house though.

The downside...they're thouroughbreds. Which is just as bad as a mare in my opinion!!! Especially since these are race horses.
I took pictures but I can't find the camera cord. But one is really pretty, he has a flaxen mane and tail any way the other one is OK though.

And yeah, they're for sale if someone out there wants them. Just let me know...

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crazy4boys said...

You have very nice parents! Some day we're going to have to come visit y'all and meet all the animals.