Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simple? With her? Never!

So, a couple of years ago I had this wonderful idea. Let's breed Bailey!

Well, this year that idea came to life as we bred her.

But, I had forgotten that, NOTHING IS SIMPLE WITH HER!!!!

The first time we bred her (talked about in one of my previous posts) she didn't catch, and of course, we couldn't tell when we took her to the stud, so we had to get her ultrasounded. And...nothing.

So, we gave her a shot of lute and we bred her again.

And of course this time she looked pregnant when we checked her with the stud,

but...I kept feeling like we needed to get her ultrasounded anyway. So finally, I got an appointment.

and of course...

She was pregnant...


And horses rarely can support twins until birth, and even if they do, one usually dies(if not both of them) or they both will be weak etc.

BUT, one of the fetus' looked sick and we could hardly get a heartbeat on it (in fact they called in another vet to look for the heartbeat because the first vet couldn't)

So we dropped her off one night the next week so that they could ultrasound her again early the next morning (we didn't want to have to be in gooding at 5 am!), so that they would have the rest of the day to abort it if necessary.

They called us that afternoon and said we could come pick her up and that it was almost dead, they couldn't find a heartbeat at all and before both fetus' had been the same size but they were now noticeably a different sizes.

They prescribed a hormone for her to help her maintain her other pregnancy and told us to bring her back in two weeks to make sure the sick one died.

And can I just say that the gooding vets are awesome!!!! They definitely have lifelong clients now!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, the healthy one is a COLT!!! YAY!! I do not want anymore mares!!! I am good with the geldings!

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