Saturday, October 1, 2011

All about my life for this semester!

My life has been pretty busy of late. So many things seem to be going on!
  • The calves are doing great and are so fun! We let them out into the pasture today and they loved it! They are such goofballs! We are weaning them in a few weeks too!
  • I am taking another class from Williamsburg Academy. It is an amazing political literature class. We are reading some pretty cool books! There is a lot of writing involved which I am pretty bad at, but, it is good practice!
  • We got the geldings sold! Yeah! they were really nice and everything but what were we going to do with two more horses?(Race horses I might add!)
  • Bailey is pregnant with one baby now! Yeah! It is a colt if you didn't already know. I am so super excited! Our best guess is it will be a palomino! I love those! They are so pretty! The only problem is we have a huge family reunion in California 3 days after she's due, so...yeah. I think I'm going to talk Kristen into keeping her while we are gone(whether she has foaled or not)!
  • Fanny is doing good...still really fat and still need ridden...
  • Last tuesday we canned 150 quarts of peaches with our very best friends in Dietrich! It was a long day, but super fun! 50 of them were ours too! We had one for dinner today! Delish!
  • We made a bunch of plum freezer jam today! We have two trees at the land that we pruned and sprayed in the spring and we are just getting the fruits of our labors!The jam is so delicious! And we have lots more still to make.
  • We bought two boxes of pears to can today!
  • When our apples come in season we want to make apple sauce and apple butter. We also have lots of tomatoes that we are probably going to can too! I am soooooo excited!
  • I am doing a home study for seminary, starting a year early, it doesn't count toward graduation, but it is still really good!
  • Jared and I are doing Jr. High XC for Richfield. It has been good, but hard! The races are really challenging, but they have gotten easier as we have gone along. We only have one more meet! YAY!!!
Me at the finish of my first race

Jared at the finish of the same race

Our little team after the race.

  • I have started organ lessons in twin! I love them! they are so much fun! It is really hard and way different then it seems! But it is a good challenge! It is amazing how different the Organ really is from the Piano.
  • All four of us have started participating in a handbells choir! It is so fun! Right now we are working on some Christmas songs for our Christmas Concert.
  • I am still working hard on the piano. I have really improved and really enjoy it. The classical music on my playlist is music that I am either learning to play, or, I already can play.
  • Jared and I are going to a local Commonwealth School in Twin. I am taking an Economics and Biology class and Jared is taking a American History class and biology with me. The history class is the same one I took a couple of years ago. Both of my classes are really fun! Handbells is also in the morning the same day of class in the same building. We have to leave at about 7.30 am on Fridays to get to Handbells before class and then we get home at about 5 pm! It is a really long day but so worth it!
  • I haven't been sewing sewing machine was in the shop for a week because it stopped working and I have been trying to study more than sew! But, I did make a skirt last week with my mom's machine. We lost our camera cord so I'll show you some pictures later. Oh, I also made a super cute bag in July, I'll have to show you sometime...
I'm sure that there is something that I'm forgetting but, this is all I can remember for now. Enjoy the rest of General Confrence!!


    Misty said...

    Wow! You've been busy! It sounds like life is good. We love you!!!

    rneweyfamily said...

    Wow, sounds like you are super busy! Who are you taking organ lessons from?

    Fernandez Family said...

    My mouth is watering thinking of all that plum jam and fresh peaches! Good job on all of your hard work!