Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now that we have found the camera cord...

...you can see some pictures that I have taken and edited over the Summer.

The boys playing in the treehouse!

I loooooove this picture! It looks like I have a lot of horses in it though!

These are the geldings. You can only really see one though, the other one is behind him.

You've gotta love Caleb!

The same gelding, but in a clearer view. He is soooooo pretty. I love his flaxen mane and tail(it's hard to see it in this picture)!

My calf is such a goofball!

this is the other gelding with Fanny. (Fanny is the white grey one!)

This is just a closer view of the other gelding. Nothing special about this picture, but now you know what he looked like up close.

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Sunshine said...

Your calf is cute :)