Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salt Lake City ~ The best Halloween EVER!

We are in Salt Lake this week for fun. Today has been amazing!

This is what {the organ} looks like from a distance.
     First, we went to a Organ Recital in the Tabernacle, well afterwards, the performer, Brother Unsworth came up for questions. I wanted to ask him some questions so we went up. Well, we talked for a little while and after learning that I was learning the organ, he asked us if we wanted to look at the {giant} organ up close. Of course, I had to say yes! Pretty soon he asked if I wanted to sit on it and then if I wanted to play it!!!! I got to play 2 hymns, oh boy. That thing is massive!

Click to enlarge

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The beautiful Salt Lake Temple

After this we were able to go and do baptisms for the dead in the Salt Lake Temple. It was super cool! I love the temple.


Debra said...

That is cool Olivia!!

Becky Kent said...

That's awesome Olivia!