Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teaching a Horse how to Neck Rein

So I got a crazy hair today and I decided that I wanted to ride Idaho. I knew that she was broke because she was raced. I wouldn't have just jumped on her if I didn't know that! I don't think that she's been ridden in 5+ years.

Anyway...I got on her and she did sooooo good! She was waaaay better than I thought she would be! She acted like a good old broke mellow horse...not a racehorse at all! She didn't have any bad racehorse manners except for she hates her ears being touched at all. So it took a looong time for me to figure out how to put a headstall on her, especially because that one is a sliding ear. She was happy to walk around and trot a little bit. She didn't try anything at all. Caleb rode her around the arena by himself a lot. But she was trained to run, not to be a good usable horse. So she is really green. She's probably the greenist (is that a word?) horse I've ever ridden. She knows zero neck reining and knows nothing about moving off of your leg. She has no buck in her or anything but she knows nothing except for a kick means go forward and whoa means slow down or stop (oh and she backed up when I asked her to). She was soooo sweet and was trying so hard to do what I asked her to she just didn't understand the cues I use on my other horses.

She is a really jumpy easily spooked horse so I was kind of nervous about it but she was soooo steady. Que was running all over the arena and she didn't even bat an eyelash! She has the SMOOTHEST gait i've ever ridden, even more than Bailey, and Bailey is really smooth!

But anyway, I found these videos on how to teach neck reining, I have always taken for granted the fact that my horses have always known how to but I'm going to see if I can teach her to because it is sooo much more fun to ride a horse that neck reins vs. on that doesn't!

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