Thursday, October 18, 2012

The House: The Bonus Room!

When you look to the left as you come up the stairs this is what you sewing/music room!!!
(It's already messy! Oh no!)

Closup of the sewing part of the room.
On a side note, I LOOOOVE having a real design wall, it has been sooooo nice!

When you look to the right when you come up the stair this is what you see!
We're planning on having dances up here! It should be super fun!

This is a little family room on the very end of that looong room!
The bunkbeds are for when people come over and us kids are kicked out of our bedrooms.

This is our 'wii area' there's just the perfect amount of space to play the wii!

This is the view from a dormer window! The arena, then beautiful pastures and handlines :) and then the mountains!

View to the left from the same dormer. Can you see Bailey's head sticking up in there?

Closeup of 5 of the horses out in the pasture.
(in case you were dying to know Fanny and roxy are the ones standing, the other 3 are lying down and Bailey is over in the corrals since Que is being weaned)

This is a bad view of the cool chandelier that is in the stairwell going upstairs. I'll have to get a picture from the outside at night, it looks really cool!
More later...

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