Monday, October 6, 2008

General Confrence

I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference! I did. I love to here the prophets and apostles speak. This General Conference was really inspiring. I can't believe that 5 temples were announced, and one in Missouri!

In between conference on Saturday, we went out to Matt & Becky's house to pick our pumpkins. It was really fun and we got REALLY dirty. We had some HUGE ones, there were some I could barely carry. I counted 18 pumpkins then my more brought 3 or 4 more in and then we left 3 on the Kent's doorstep. So does that give you an idea? If anyone near(like lives in Richfield) needs a few pumpkins I'm SURE we could spare a couple!
Caleb and I,

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Idaho Sutters said...

I'm glad you liked conference! I thought it was super wonderful also.