Sunday, October 19, 2008

One fun Saturday!

Saturday was a really fun day. We did lots of things.

  1. My dad and my Uncle Matt came over and helped us a ton . The Roof is now shingled! We even got to get on the roof, 8 by 8ft, crazy! And we also have almost one side up with siding
  2. Yesterday was Barrett' birthday party. It's really tomorrow but we celebrated it yesterday. It' was really fun. It was pretty cute because he wanted to have a pink poweranger birthday and that is what he got, his cake was pink and there was even a pink poweranger on it.
  3. Matt also got on the house roof, to fix some things up there. We got up there too! It was soooo cool, I loved the view. It was really fun, we were basically plating up there.

Well I think that's all for now. Here are some things from yesterday...

Well I did actually video tape him, here he is blowing out the candles. It is kind of blurry. But it works

And here is a slideshow from our day.
Now I'm really done!

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Debra said...

thanks for sharing all the pictures and video. We were sad we couldn't come. I'm glad you had a fun day!