Monday, April 26, 2010

Our new Horse...

...Fanny. My friend in Dietrich had a friend who was trying to get rid of her, so we claimed her! Since she lost so much weight during the winter(she is 20+) we put her on grain and MSM (she is pretty stiff on one of her back legs, the MSM loosens her up!)

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Misty said...

Olivia, we have a 30 year old horse who has hardly any teeth left who we wanted to gain weight, and we put him on a mixture of beet pulp with just a touch of grain (too much will cause founder), and he has gained weight and is looking GREAT!

The beet pulp is also pretty inexpensive. If your horse doesn't have many teeth, it may be that she is not able to chew the grass enough before swallowing.

Just a thought.