Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yum? Definitely!

So as many of you know, my mom posted this post. So after reading that post you know that we have been having green smoothies a lot lately! At first I didn't really like them, I guess I didn't like tons of fruit in them or something, but anyway, one day I decided I wanted a green smoothie (just thinking about it right know makes my stomach rumble!). then I realized we didn't have anything to put in it. Then I remembered we had tons of frozen carrots in the freezer from our garden a couple of years ago. We had a little bit of zucchini too(My nice aunt called today and said that she had some extra, and wanted to know if we wanted it, I said we'll take it!!!) . Then I realized we didn't have any fruit. but then my mom suggested using applesauce, YUM!!! Good thing we are going to Twin tomorrow to get more fruit.

Anyway, here's my thrown together smoothie:

about 1/2 to 1 can applesauce depending on your tastes
about 1 cup FROZEN shredded Zucchini
about 1/4 cup FROZEN shredded(not steamed, raw) carrots

Blend together, enjoy.

Sometimes when I want it really cold I will put Ice cubs in it, if you use fresh veggies make sure you drain then very well and you will have to put in lots of Ice cubes if you want the same texture. I take my veggies straight out of the freezer so there is Ice on them that is why you need extra ice cubes w/ fresh veggies.

Just FYI: the finished product looks like applesauce w/ little orange and light green specks.

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