Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jr. Rodeo

Yesterday was a Jr. Rodeo. We aced Bailey good and she was perfect! I did OK, but it was fun and I have lots of good memories! For Barrels my time was 23 something and for poles it was 36.125 I think! I would have have a couple seconds knocked off of poles but I had a really bad end turn on one of them. And for barrels I would have have a second or 2 knocked off also but I almost lost my stirrup on my 3rd barrel and so I couldn't get it together and go as quickly because I didn't want to fall off! I went a lot closer to the barrels then I usually do because I wanted to knock off time. And it was worth it, usually I stay a safe distance away because of the penalty.

I looked down to the barrel on one of my turns and my led was seriously 3 inches from the barrel, scary! One time I was practicing and I went WAY too close to the barrel I my leg was used to knock the barrel over. We have Metal barrels and I got hit on the shin by the rim. I still have a bruise!

I can't believe my hat stayed on until the 1st barrel!


My way home

The way there!

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Debra said...

Good job Olivia. I'm glad you had fun.