Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Horse Show

Yesterday was the horse show. Fanny Did really good for this being her first time showing. I got 4th in showmanship the judge was going to place me 2nd or 3rd but Fanny had a cocked foot the whole time and so he had to give me 4th. For Western Pleasure Fanny gave me FIRST place!!!!!!!!! Western Horsemanship (which is usually called Western Equitation) is normally just like Western Pleasure, you ride along the rail, and walk, trot or lope what ever the judge says, sometimes he'll say to switch directions, but this year they had us do a pattern. I didn't do very well, I think I got sixth. The trail course this year was hard but I got 4th. And then I got on Bailey for barrels and poles, for barrels I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first time ever but I had a SUPER easy age group, I won with only a time of 26 seconds, I didn't want to go very fast and I kept checking her the whole time and I still won. For poles I got disqualified, on the way home(see pattern below) when I had only 2 poles left to pass by and then the time line I crossed onto the other side(I start on the right so it is the pattern on the right I do) and come the rest of the way down on the side I ran up on ( does that make sense???). Oh, well, at least it didn't happen at a rodeo!



The trail course was not in the arena this year, they were trying to save time and so we just had to do trail in between classes when we had some free time.

Showmanship, my friend Tia has the paint(she's still in the line up to present) and Tanner has the little sorrel mare to the right of Tia.

This is when the judge was inspecting my horse.

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Misty said...

That looks like so much fun! You look like you did well and had a great time, as did Fanny!

Congratulations to you and Fanny on 1st Place!