Saturday, September 25, 2010

The rest

We're back now so I can post! So starting where we left off: The White house was really cool, that same day we got a tour of the library of congress as well of the capitol. On Friday we went to Montpelier, the home of James Madison. It was really cool because it was constitution day and we got in free!! There was also a big presentation. Saturday we did Baptisms for the Dead and did all sorts of other fun stuff in D.C. On Sunday we went to Arlington Cemetery and Church with dad's old mission companion and his Family. On Monday we Went to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home and we went to James Monroe's house because it is literally 2 miles from Monticello and we got done at Monticello before Monroe's Closed. Then we drove down do Virginia beach, and went to the ocean for a while and went to bed, our hotel was right on the beach, you crossed a bike path and the board walk and you were on sand! It was really cool! On Tuesday we played at the beach all day pretty much, Wednesday was that same pretty much but A big north America world champion sand sculpting starting, two hotels down from us! It was amazing what the people could do with just a pile of sand. On Thursday we played in the ocean in the morning and checked out from that hotel, and had lunch at this awesome Breakfast Buffet place then we drove down to Norfolk and saw the U.S.S Wisconsin(there's a naval base there) we didn't go on a tour because it was 90 degrees and humid. But it was really cool to see. So we went back to hotel and swam and vegged. Then Friday Morning we flew out. It was a really fun trip but we are all happy and sad to be home! We came home to a happy dog, healthy horses(besides that bailey through a shoe, she tells you when she needs trimmed!) and cats well, just being themselves. Slideshow coming soon???

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