Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our trip has officially started!! Monday we drove down to SLC and spent the nit there then on Tuesday morning we flew out at about 9:45 we had a layover in Atlanta and in the end we were in norfolk va, we then drove up to fredriskburg(sp?) then yesterday we went to mount Vernon, it was beautiful we spent the day touring the grounds and walking around.we got pictures but since we only brought the iPad we can't upload pictures on to it unless we synced them onto it using iTunes and since we didn't bring the laptop we cant, I will hopefully make a big slideshow of everything we did. We had to wake up at 4:30 today (eastern time) because we are getting tours of the white house and Capitol today, our white house tour starts at 7 am!!!! And we still aren't used to the time change so it feels like 5 am!! We are almost there so I better go, On a side note, sorry if there are a bazillion typos, it is rather hard to type it has taken me forever to type this much and im to lazy to fix all the mistakes I made.

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