Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Maple Syrup

One of the advantages to living in Pennsylvania is being able to make your own maple syrup!!

Step 1: tap your maple trees and put a bucket there to catch the sap

Step 2: Save up all of the sap(we had about 2 gallons from 3 trees in two weeks)

Step 3: Boil it down for a couple of hours(it has to be BOILING, we tried the crock-pot, it didn't work) and don't boil it too long like we did

Step 4: Enjoy. Our 2 gallons of sap made about 1/2 a cup of syrup!!! It evaporates a LOT!!!!

We mixed in a cup of store bought maple syrup and wal-la. Homemade maple syrup... we ate some of ours warm out of a spoon with homeade potato chips. the rest we would have eaten on pancakes the next morning but we were leaving and didn't get a chance...

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crazy4boys said...

I didn't realize it took so much sap to make such a small amount of syrup! Thanks for sharing the process and the pictures really helped. I've always wanted to try tapping maple trees....I'm just a wee bit jealous.