Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scripture bags

I had a couple of extra nine-patches from my spring quilt and so I made some bags. I have been wanting a new scripture bag for a while(the ones I have have a bunch of raw edges showing and they are worn out!!). I found a super easy tutorial of how to make your bags have no raw edges showing. You can find it here . I did adapt it, I basically just used the directions of how to get rid of the raw edges! I didn't measure the handles but after folding, ironing and sewing them you can't tell. One has really wide handles and one has super thin super long handles with a flower on it. The flower tutorial you can find here . I only used one color, I didn't measure and it and it still turned out okay.

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Misty said...

Thanks for posting this! I think it is a project we can try without failing too miserably.

It's so cute!