Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday we took Hank to the Vet, because he had a really swollen ear. He had this little pouch filled with bloody fluid. He got to spend the night at the vet office and came home this morning. He was sooo happy to see us. We also got to go to, watch the sugary on Hank. It was very interesting. First they stuck a tube down his throat to help him breath. Then they took a little knife and slit the little pouch of fluid. It came pouring out. Then they stitched it back together again. And gave him this rap that covers a lot of his head.The Vet called Hank messy puppy several times before the sugary was over. It was very cool to watch. This is the second time I've watched a animal in the vets. That includes bloody terror. Hear are some pictures of Hank today...
I think this one is cute from his face and sad with the bandage on.
Yes Yes that much covering.

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