Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Science project

So we did another science project today. It will take a while to grow and will be cool to see it grow. Here is how to make our project that we made today. It was a crystal pet.

1 cup of warm water
1/2 cup of salt(a lot I know)
1 "medium" sized bowl(it can be used again)
1 sponge in a shape(paint sponges are the best)
1 cup(the drinking kind) or a jar

Mix the water and the salt together the cup. Mix until the salt dissolves. Put your sponge into the bowl and pour the salt water mixture into the bowl. Make sure that the salt water doesn't touch the sponge except for the feet(bottom). Pour the salt water to a centimeter up the side. It is OK if the sponge starts to float! Let this sit for a couple of days. Over time the salt will sink and the water will start to go up the sponge. Carrying the salt gradually with it. Over time the Water will leave but the salt will remain cosing the the salt to crystallize making a "crystal pet." You have to feed it by giving more salt water mixture so don't though the salt water away! Only feed about every three days. It will live as long as you feed it!

We had a special kit so we had a sponge in the shape of a dog. You can get the kits at Imagination station. In Twin Falls, in their science kits, it is in the crystal growing kit.