Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay, so for my birthday my mom and dad's present was a laptop!
They had already bought one in June. For what ever reason it got lost in the mail. And it was in shipping so long that: they set a date and if it wasn't to us by that date they would refund it, well low and behold, It didn't come in by that date.
So right away I got on eBay to look, we bid on three and we got out bid on all of them :( that's when we found one that we hadn't seen before. It only had a few hours left on the bidding, we looked at it and decided that we should bid on it(there hadn't been any bidders yet). So we did. When we came home from Church, I checked. We were still in the lead! Finally when there was just a few minutes left, another bidder bid against us :( thankfully They didn't bid past our " high bid" so finally it was down to a couple seconds, we hadn't had any more bid's against us. So how do you think it ended? I guess I'll let you have some slack. We won the Bid!!!!!!!!

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