Sunday, August 31, 2008

Utah trip

This weekend we went to Utah. We went to a museum, temple square, to and Aunt Joyce's house, went to byu football game and saw Danielle Blevins(our cousin). On are way there we, got a flat tire on the freeway. We had to stop for about a half and hour. And got to watch the cars going by. But over all we had a good time. Luke and Caleb got to go to Grandma's house.


Debra said...

We blew a tire coming home from Utah in the motorhome one time. Kind of scary! I'm glad you were able to go to the BYU game. I have great memories of cougar stadium. You look really cute in your pink shirt. I'm sure Aunt Joyce really enjoyed having you visit.

Idaho Sutters said...

I remember that tire blow too! Good job on your blog Olivia. I like your slide show of our trip. I'm glad you had fun!

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

I like the slide show, too ... but has nayone told your family that BYU sports teams suck? FIGHT ON SC!