Saturday, May 30, 2009

What to post...???

Hmmmm, I can't think of anything to post! Other then we have cousins over for 3 days and we have to do chores! Yesterday we also went to the swimming hole. We had lots of fun! The majority of the time was spent waiting for Tanner to catch a fish or for him to give up. Hank had a BLAST!!! Hmmmmmm, anything else? Oh, I almost missed a BIG one! The IDEA portfolio's are due on Tuesday. So it's been kind of CRAZY!!! We have write a bunch of reports and all sorts of other things. And the weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Yesterday the thermometer said it was about 98, and it was only supposed to be 89!! Other then that nothing much as come up...for now!

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Idaho Sutters said...

The swimming has been lots of fun. I'm glad it's rained for a week straight though. We'll be back to swimming soon enough though!

I like your background.