Friday, June 18, 2010

Lost Generation

Note. This is a very direct post for me to write. Please to not read if you do not understand mine and my family's way of thinking. This is not meant to cause offense, it is simply food for the thought.

I've been thinking a lot lately about this generation. Why has our generation become like this?
Why do we need to set aside a specific night of the week to learn about the gospel. The early saints did stuff like this every night without the Prophet having to tell them to because they had such a love for this gospel and they knew it was the right thing to do. But now we need the Prophet to tell us to do that one night a week. Is this not example enough?

And then I can't help but wonder why half of the Church's members are even members if they don't believe in it(the doctrine taught). Is it I dare say it...that it makes them look good? I mean who wants to do hard things?

I recently read a post here about the Temple being viewed on as a Venue not a Virtue. This is so scary!

I don't know what else to write. Other than this is so Sad!


Kayti said...

I know it is so sad.

I have never heard that about the Temple. Where did you hear it?



Olivia said...

The article about the Temple was by Misty at the Misfit Cygnet I was going to put the link up but she had to delete it due to all of the bad responses she got from it. SO SAD! It was SUCH a good article though.


Cousin Ribby said...

Hey, Olivia!

I always enjoy reading your posts. They make me think about not only the youngest generation now, but mine as well.

Thanks for putting this up.

Also--the article about the temple is back up. We just had to switch the Misfit Cygnet to another hosting service.

Olivia said...

I put the link up!