Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What made George Washington Great? How can I become like him?

This is a paper I wrote for my Key of Liberty Class it was one of my first written assignments!

What made George Washington Great? How can I become like him?
By Olivia Sutter
When you think about George Washington some of the “keywords” to his life were: honorable, brave, praiseworthy, virtuous, strong, and how he was a great man. George loved the people of America and was willing to die for them, he was also honest with them.
George Washington breathed his first breath on February 22, 1732. He was born to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington who was his 2nd wife, while residing in “Pope’s Creek Estate” near what is now called Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County, Virginia. George was educated by his father and his eldest half-brother who was named Lawrence.
When George was just eleven tragedy struck, his father died. For, this required him to grow up at a much earlier age then most boys, since he had so many responsibilities. This is one way that Washington was made ready to be a great man for the future. Also, George Washington had faith and hope. Notably, in the Revolutionary War he knew that the Red Coats could beat them, but he didn’t give up on these things.
In the aspect of thinking; how can I become more like George Washington doesn’t mean that our Fathers have to die when we’re eleven. It means that we always have to have what George Washington had, faith and hope. Because George Washington was an excellent example of hope we need to look up to him. Study his life, his thoughts, and his actions. You can’t have a pure knowledge of the American Revolution without learning about George Washington. He made the path for the United States of America. Protect him which more or less means protect the Constitution and Declaration. And honor him.

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