Sunday, June 13, 2010

Outlaw Days 2010

Today was Outlaw days. We were in the Parade for my dad's campaign I walked Hank in it and then we ran home, saddled the horses and went over to the arena. We forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures. Caleb won the calf riding(all 3 of the boys did it) and I did barrels and poles. On barrels my time was 25.something and on poles my time was 35. something. It was kind of cool, because my goal times were 25 for barrels and 35 for poles!! After I just finished poles I was doing the half circle that I usually do right after my run so I don't run right into the gate(I've tried that and I almost FLEW out of the saddle!) but Bailey didn't want to stop after the half circle and I kind of lost my hold and almost fell off! I was like half on for a couple of seconds! Jared did barrels too(he didn't want to do poles). It was a fun day! Fanny got to go too because it was a travel opportunity, to meet new horses, be around lots of new sounds, etc. we didn't compete on her though. She just got to watch! And thankfully it didn't rain! It was supposed to earlier this month when we looked and we were watching it throughout the week and then one day it said it was only supposed to be cloudy! And it was PERFECT for a rodeo. I wore a short sleeved shirt even!


Becky Kent said...

I was a little worried you were going to fall off! I'm glad you held on. Good job on the getting your times.

Debra said...

I'm sad you forgot your camera. I have been waiting for pictures. Doesn't it feel good to reach your goals! Good job!