Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Visit

We have been enjoying a lot a family lately from my dad's side, Fran is off track at BYU-I and Cameron and his wife Milexis and their kids Alexis and Charlotte are moving from Chicago to Provo so that Cameron can go to school and since we haven't seen them for about 6 years they come up here, their visit was only supposed to be about 36 hours but now it is going to be about 3 weeks. Grandpa flew to Chicago to help move Cameron so he was here for a few days and Glenn flew out from PA to help move them so he was here to. We've had a houseful to say the least. We have enjoyed many hours on the dirtbike (yeah, it's a 50 but all the adults ride it anyway), 4-wheeler and the Wii, here are some pics

This is Grandpa on the dirtbike.

Oh, Glenn!

We rode the horses one night

Milexis Cameron Charlotte and Jared


Cameron is HILARIOUS to watch play the Wii, I wish I had taped him doing a flapping game, it was HILARIOUS! this is Hula hooping and is really funny too.

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