Monday, June 20, 2011

Recent Sewing Projects

I made these quilts for the care center. The Christmas one somebody gave me the top already made so I just tied and bound it. the other one I am NOT showing you!! I was experimenting with a pattern for the top and it didn't turn out. I think it is going to go to a blind lady!

This is my first try at triangles, I need to finish quilting it. On the left side you can kind of see the lines of the quilting. this one is also for the care center.

These are some snowball bocks sewn together that I am making for a quilt top. I really like the colors and the pattern so far. this one will go to the care center.

I made this bag with the scraps from juice boxes

Maybe next time I will put some pockets in the inside or something to fancy it up a little bit more.

I really love how  the back turned out! I really like this stripes fabric, I found probably around ten yards of it in a shed at the land(who would of thought!) I am sad that it is almost gone. I also used it for the back of Juice boxes. You can't tell but I machine quilted flowers barely overlaping on the back. I wish I had pieced and quilted the front piece as well, I just stuck the pieces together. 

This was a first attemt with this pattern, it was pretty east but takes practice. I'm glad that you can't see the mistakes in it bacause the lighting is bad. just don't look to close.

This is jsut a simple tube skirt that I made for easter with fabric from the DI. It took maybe 30 minutes so it was pretty fast.

I call this my Sense and Sensibility dress. Because that is what it looks like. When I wear it I usually tie a bright ribbon around it to give it color. I made it with a $2 sheet from the DI so it was cheap!! And the pattern was very simple.
OK, I am done babbling on,


sariah said...

You are trying all sorts of great quilt patterns! The snowball one looks complicated. I want to try a triangle pattern quilt soon and turn the blocks to make diamond shapes.

I too did a "Sense and Sensibility" dress this spring but I wasn't too happy with it. Lili wore it in the Shakepeare play in Oakley. (when she played a girl in the play within a play)The funny thing is that it didn't fit the person it was made for, but I'm glad it ended up being useful for Lili.

I love seeing all your projects!! Sometimes I think I'd like to do a blog devoted to sewing projects, but then I realize I can hardly keep one little blog updated. :-)

rneweyfamily said...

The Log Cabin block is one of my favorites and there is so much you can do with it depending on how you arrange the blocks. Looks good.

Olivia said...

Sariah, here is the link to a really easy way to do the snowball blocks. They looked really hard to me at first too, but they ended up being pretty simple. I just wish that it didn't waste as much fabric but oh well!!!

Also, I remember seeing Lili wearing that dress in the play, and thinking it was sooooo cute, now I know why!!!
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