Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cards 4 Sale!

I have these cards for sale, just humor me and take a look! If you really do want some let me know! You can have one in each set or all in a set or all in all the sets!!!!

These are four birthday cards,
Bid(starts at 50 cents), 75 cents(save 25 cents) for the whole thing or 25 cents each
Three "get well wishes cards"
Bid(starts at 55 cents), 75 cents(save somewhere around 60 cents!) for the lot or 45 cents eachNine old fashioned sympathy cards, they are papery, really cool!
Bid(starts at $1.25), $1.75 (save $2.75!) for all of them or 50 cents each
One(yes one) pretty nice birthday card.
Bid(starts at 50 cents) or buy in now for 60 cents!

Just so you know there are envelopes for every single card so don't worry(not that anyone would)!!!

The bid ends on Wed. the 13 of May!!!! Bid, Bid, Bid!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll bid 65 cents for the four birthday cards. You can never have enough.
grandma Ward