Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun with our cousins!

Friday night we were able to spend the night at Kristen's house!!! Mom and dad where able to go to SLC!!

On Friday we got to their house at ten(in the morning!) and we played outside all day!! Breck was soooooooooo exited to WIN a rope from Sid the contest was like this: Sid took the "horns" off of the Jake steer(special roping dummy without legs) and told him that if he could rope it 5 times just the horn "spot" then he could have the rope, after about 15 to 20 minutes(maybe longer!) he got it!! He was really exited. Then we roped the Jake steer some more and went and watched a movie and went to bed...Oh, and Casey came over and roped too, I ran the shoots and rode Chex! This happened before all the other "ropin stuff" occurred. While we roped I got sunbrned REALLY bad!

SATURDAY!!! I was invited to go to the ropin school in Hagerman with Sid and Breck! It was so much fun! And Casey even let me warm his horse up!(Thanks Casey!) It was a looongggg day...but fun! I played with "the girls" a lot(Katelyn, Kayla, and Kylee) and Katelyn brought her friend Ariel too! Lots...let me rephrase that...TONS of fun! Besides maybe Kaylyn(sp?), (she didn't turn as many as Breck did though). Other then that Breck(the only kid..and is 8) was the best header(headers rope the head and heelers rope the hind legs) there! Good job Breck he is REALLY good! Kylee ended up coming home with us and Breck ended up with Casey! And when we got back Michelle was at their house!(I act like you know all of these people). And I practiced setting Mate(Mater) up for showmanship! And I put sunscreen on about 10 sunburn from Saturday!

And yes, lots of driving the toro and 4 wheelers! And no...we didn't play rugby. Oh, well. Maybe next time! And Hank had a blast, with Cody and Crash and Miss Foxy Roxy!

Sorry, no pics.

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Idaho Sutters said...

I am glad you had so much fun. I'm glad I knew who all those people were to. I think you are funny. You didn't mention that you got sun burned REALLY bad.